Shrimp Boil & Dance

Date: August 21, 2020

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Location: Nessler Park

Staff in Charge:  Jenny Senter, Lauren Perez

Young and old and everyone in between agree, the Shrimp Boil is a night to relax and just have a good time while visiting with friends and neighbors. The Shrimp Boil is a favorite tradition of the community which has been held for over 40 years, and it pulls a crowd of approximately 1,200 people each year!   This time-honored event is for its residents, visitors, friends and business associates to gather round and kick up their heels in celebration of the end of summer and to enjoy the bountiful shrimp season. The succulent shrimp, cold beer and music makes this event one of the most popular

The New Orleans “Super Pop” group, “Bag of Donuts” will be the featured entertainment for the Shrimp Boil & Dance on  August 23rd .  Opening for them is the up and coming band “Nick and the Groove”.

Join us for an awesome evening of fun!


Bag of Donuts.

The New Orleans based quartet have been engaged in such endeavors for over two decades. Celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2018, the momentum only seems to be building. Along with their flair for kabuki make-up and extravagant costumes, the four New Orleans natives cover songs in a style they have branded as Superpop: Any song popular from any era. Their flamboyant performances are a combination of ultimate showmanship, call and response audience participation, visual ingenuity, professional musicianship and pure entertainment with a nod to the comedy gods. With over 100 live dates each year, BOD have become headliners at festivals and clubs from Texas to Florida including an annual slot at the world famous French Quarter Festival which surpassed 700,000 attendees in 2017.

Further building on that propulsion, New Orleans Magazine named them one of the most popular local acts while also receiving “Cover Band Of The Year” honors by Offbeat magazine in 2016, 2017, and 2018. In an effort to continue their evolution and sense of reinvention, the band added a two piece horn section in the spring of 2017. It’s just another way of signaling devotion to their hometown and continuing the local sound. Their performances draw thousands at events for NFL, NBA and PGA. In addition, there is always a salute to their roots which is at the heart of BOD’s charm. To quote the band: “It‘s like Mardi Gras all year long.”

Nick and the Groove  is a Houston based up and coming band that consists of 5 friends ranging from 16-19 years of age, covering a variety of genres and eras from pop-soul-blues-rock-country and beyond.

“The future of rock is alive! Feeling honored!”- Nancy Wilson of Heart